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Cees de Jong

Chairman, A-Mansia

Jean-Christophe Malrieu

CEO, A-Mansia

Madeleine Dembour

PR, Kalamos

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About A-Mansia

Founded in 2016, A-Mansia Biotech is a microbiome Belgian/Dutch joint start-up based on discoveries made by its founding scientists, Professor Willem M de Vos, from Wageningen University, in the Netherlands, and Professor Patrice D Cani, from the University of Louvain (UCLouvain), in Belgium. A-Mansia Biotech develops health products based on the unique properties of the Akkermansia muciniphila bacteria. In 2018, the company secured 22 million euros in a series A financing round that has brought together the Dutch investment fund Innovation Industries, the French investment fund Seventure Partners, Fonds Vives II, SRIW Life Sciences, Nivelinvest, Mr. Pierre Drion and Mr. Olivier Van der Rest, as well as research grants from the Wallonia Regional Government totalling 4 million euros.